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If you love to travel and would prefer to have your home taken care of by like-minded guests whilst you are away, there is no better way than listing your home on Luxico. A member of Luxico's local concierge team will greet your guests and remain on-call during their stay.

Join Australia's largest independent luxury holiday rental platform in 6 easy steps:

  1. Request Membership - Complete the form opposite
  2. Discuss - We'll call you to ensure we are the right fit
  3. Viewing - We'll assess your home in person vs our property checklist
  4. Sign up - Rental Income Proposal and Contract sent for your approval
  5. Onboarding - photography, videography, copywriting and distribution is all set up by our team
  6. Promotion - Your home will go live on and partner channels and will be included in scheduled promotions


Australia’s luxury villa platform

Luxico is a dedicated booking platform connecting affluent travelers and travel agents with luxury homes, providing end-to-end booking management by our local concierge teams.
Australia’s luxury villa platform

The best guests

When you list with Luxico, you’ll enjoy

  • Bookings from our exclusive guest network and partner channels not accessible elsewhere

  • Higher rates from high quality guests who’ll look after your home

 When you list with Luxico, you’ll enjoy

“We've had some great bookings via Luxico at higher rates than we've achieved on any other platform. Their guests took excellent care of our home - one guest even bought us a thank you gift!”


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